SPP Architecture was founded in 2017 by architects Bence Pottyondy and Lóránt Perényi who both have over 14 years of experience in their field.

Aside from the inner demand for independent design activity, our company’s coherence is being strengthened by a desire. That is, as designers and practitioners of our professions, we not only wish to serve and create high quality work, but we firmly believe that by walking down our common spiritual path we are able to make a small part of the world a better place.

Our mind-set and approach, which have evolved through the years spent in Hungarian, Austrian and Portuguese schools as well as in the atmosphere of Hungarian, Dutch and Swiss architectural offices, define and motivate us every day, aiding us during our creative work and helping us to keep an open mind.

Our current line of work not only includes small and mid-sized architectural residential and commercial planning, but also includes interior designing. Our team is confidently looking to take on larger scale projects, or even urban design (master planning).

We are looking forward to meeting and working with You.