By realizing and respecting each other's values we are given a chance to develop our approach, know-how and our personal view. Both Clients and Architects should take away something after a project has been completed, something more than just a building....

In our experience, there is no great project without a good, joyful working relationship among the people involved. Therefore our clients and partners are committed throughout the process, which is lengthy by nature to the standards defined by quality architecture, and are willing to invest their creativity and support. Our efforts are not only for a building, but for a structure that will define, shape and evoke emotions from many people who will live in it, use it, see it and enjoy it during its lifespan. That is our mutual success.


Everything that is designed or created by us is supposed to serve us, human beings and our well-being, making our lives better, but what we create as a generation, should also add something for the upcoming generations.

Currently there are many tendencies, organizations, designers and manufacturers devoted to making the planet a better a place. It is incredible what technology offers us today, allowing us to create better and better environments and smarter spaces that are easier to use. As a small group of architects and designers we share these visions and in our collaborations we search for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Every project is a possibility to discover, together with our clients, new and inspiring possibilities.



Whatever is the subject of scrutiny, let it be a building, a material, human factor, light or space, we strive to constantly enhance our understanding of the subject.

Our approach is based on the strong inner desire to see things the way they should be seen and to give the most appropriate answer to the emerging questions and inquiries.

To quote Peruvian Chef and Restaurateur Virgilio Martínez Véliz:

"every dish is an eco-system."

We too, believe that every brick and every building is also an eco-system.

Digging deeper simply means to deepen our knowledge and perception  every day. This practice makes us more able to see and interpret the nature, the phenomena and necessities of our partners in our professional environment.


Our role in the design process is far more than merely meeting the functional expectations of our clients or to keep the design within the planned construction costs. Our job entails finding and expressing the meaning behind a project.

When our clients decide to invest time, energy and money in a project, it is our duty to analyze, study and seek the meaning of context, the meaning behind the investment and in turn tune the final architectural answer according to all the parameters and values as defined together.