Architect & Partner


Bence is an architect and founding partner at SPP Architecture with over a decade of experience as an architect and designer.

As a former member of his father's Studio at Budapest based Architect Firm KÖZTI, Bence named as architect in several of their common projects in Hungary, as a last at the Diósgyőr Stadion. 

His great experience in execution design and project management and his sensitive and very pragmatic approach is a stabil core of team.

On a well-balanced and strong way he encourages and inspires everybody to flourish in technical knowledge and being more and more effective in work method.

Bence is deeply devoted to design free from extreme, schedule, to understand and handle financial issues. 

" My aim is to design, shape and organize our buildings on a way, how they can serve the most their function and use. I try to avoid the intrusive, egoistic architectural gestures. "

Architect & Partner


After his studies in Sopron, Portugal and Austria, Lorant started his career at Erick van Egeraat's office in Budapest, continued in Switzerland at Santiago Calatrava's Studio then returned to Hungary where he joined to the team of János Tiba, where he worked as architect, later as project architect for 7 years.

As a result he accumulated some kind of flexibility and openness in the work and approach.

As a Partner at SPP Architecture he is now leading the design process in the office together with Bence. He has a strong vocation for creating meaningful projects. 

In his experience nice, friendly and inspiring work environment is always a great drive on everyday level, therefore he encourages the team to built together a studio like that, unfold as one.

“If I try to grasp the essential aim we as professionals need to achive is inspiring eachother, our partners and our clients on every possible way. If people have the feeling after a project or a meeting, 'we got what we expected and even more', that means us success."

Senior Architect

Viktória Weimper joined to the team in 2018, with a great professional experience. She worked on bigger projects in the last years at KÖZTI in Budapest, recently on the execution design of the Puskás Ferenc Stadium at the Studio of György Skardelli.

Viktória has a very natural sensitivity to details and stabil technical knowledge. As an important result of her intensive participation in construction design phases she developed effective problem solving and system thinking skills.

Viktória leads an important role in the office to realize projects, develope ideas and concepts.

"As an architect I am always excited by that new, and yet untrodden path of finally managing to unravel the right solution from the complex weave of physical and psychical functions."



Márk has joined to our team in February 2020.